[cooker] TC Meeting 22-05-2019 17:00 CEST 16:00 GMT


1. Report: ABF, cooker
2. Lx4 GA release issues/progress/ETA
3. Mirror manager issues/progress/ETA
4. Quick review of last week topics and discuss what's left if any
5. AIB
6. AOB

not sure if I can make it on time - I'm driving to my father's place and may still be driving at meeting time. Just in case I'm not there:

* Cooker/4.0 looks good to me - main thing right now is we need to split the trees: Cooker needs to be copied to both 4.0 and rolling, rock (or rocking?) doesn't need to be created because a symlink in the filesystem will do that one best (pointing at 4.0 initially, then at 4.1 when it's released, etc.)
* Fairly important to do before the release: Finish and put in om-repo-picker (that's on me). Fixing rust and thunderbird would be nice too (not on me, too much to do with om-repo-picker).
* I've done a mass build of unsupported, and it's not looking too good (though not as scary as I feared): https://abf.openmandriva.org/platforms/cooker/mass_builds/206 Of course, this is the unsupported repo, so nothing in there should block the release -- but if anyone has too much time on their hands, fixing some of the failures (and deciding which failed packages are simply so obsolete that we need to drop them) would be a good thing to do.
* Should we make an announcement of the planned release model changes before making the release? It would get us into the news twice, and probably generate more attention when the release finally happens
* Good news with libreoffice: I've fixed the "crashes the X server on startup on some hardware" and "needs to turn off OpenGL on some hardware" issues as well as LO not detecting OpenJDK -- so we should finally be good on that one.
* And of course, Chwido and Laska say woof woof to everyone. (I think it means "We want to bite Brokenbuntu".)


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