[cooker] TC Meeting 19-06-2019 17:00 CEST 16:00 GMT


1. Report: ABF, cooker
2. Drop 32-bit packages
3. 4.1 release plan, workflow, milestones
4. What we can learn from the 4.0 release cycle
5. Maintenance of Rolling: Procedure for QA to manage packages. QA
training and education
6. AIB
7. AOB

Meeting log
#openmandriva-cooker log

Well, I'd rather have discussed on the **HOW** (the best way) to get
it done, instead of **IF** it will be done.
Because it has been already discussed and then decided.

If not enough, we have announced it at time of OMLx 3.03 release:

"This release will be the last in the 3.x series and also the last to
support i586. Stay tuned for our next upcoming major release.
In the next release applications such as wine32 will be supported by
providing i586 libraries."

OpenMandriva Lx 3.03 - Get it while it's hot! - OpenMandriva

Now I'm wondering if whatever we agree today is going to really matter
tomorrow, given the fact that previous decisions are punctually