Cooker ML seems broken

No Cooker ML’s for almost a week now, I’m told Mailman is on strike.
This is a test e-mail to see if e-mails will forward to

Just so all Cookers know that Raphael has set up forwarding to so communication may continue.

Hi Ben,

yes, since a couple day’s … they change the infrastructure like i have hear…
and i have found a mailing-list post into the forum ?

hey, this link links automaticly as quote the posting in where i have specially changed!!
what for a crap forum it is this ?
edit: mus specially add a “” before.

i have send a other mail into the cooker, letz look, if the “Mailing Test” become into the forum…
imho it is not correct if the posting from the mailinglist easy move into the forum…
if this happens, i am definitive out with sending issues or other, because this is betray !
i want not have if i send a mail to be published on an other place as i have send it,
the same if i make a posting, so should this posting not send into an mailinglist… where i do not agree with this… and the last… it was easy not asked ! … so, let us see what happens…

best regards