Cooker having problems to start scans

the network scanner will be shown, but
after a short try period it gives:

Check for packages:


If they are not installed, install them.

I can’t tell what scanner you are using?

task-printing-scanning and skanlite are installed by default on Plasma desktop isos. skanlite is working here.

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I installed all that, but still,

no errors in the console, skanlite just the same,

skanlite gives me “invalid argument” that would suggest some missing libraries?

maybe to many of these sane packages installed?

I am using Cooker and skanlite is working here. Do not know why you would have missing libraries unless you installed from some alternate desktop iso?

Edit: But if you have task-printing-scanning and skanlite installed you would have the same libraries I do.

and task-printing-epson installed?
also tell me what ISO you installed?

yes all installed : - )


According to this we may need to add the package sane-airscan? More stuff on this:

that will be very much likely the solution :slight_smile: I would

This was interesting:

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yes coool ! this is it, …
many thanks for your research