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Only you will have reply button, not other people.

I don’t know. I still think it better if I just stay away from the ML until or if it reverts to sanity.

Not a weird hack, it’s a built-in feature. Not perfect, but still it is though.

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Then someone #$%^&*up. Because it looks and feels like a weird hack. I think it makes OM look bad not good.

Honestly I don’t get the problem… who do you think will be annoyed? And by what?

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And most of all, why suddenly while it’s been so long time without problems…

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There have always been problems and people complaining this is not new. I certainly have been.

BUT. Yesterday my freedom to express myself was stepped on. That changed things about this issue for me. And it could not possibly have happened at a worse time. What happened yesterday impeded my ability to do the work needed to get release done it destroyed my concentration on what I needed to do for a period of time so I’m more than upset now. This caused some planned testing to simply not get done.

Also currently I can’t use the ML even if I want to as the most recent posts yesterday did not go to the thread I sent them to. This was hugely important to me as the posts were about the frantic, time sensitive work we were doing to get release done. Anyway as matters stand I have zero confidence that what I send on that ML will go where I intend for it to.

That’s why.

So you say a message you sent to ML was not received by ML. It’s more a matter of ML (or email server, or anything related to email transmission/reception) issue then, forum is passive on it. I can explore if there was an issue, but these are other softwares to check (postfix etc). Have you checked the ML archives?

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No, not what I’m saying. The Cooker forum part did not go to the Cooker forum it went here. As I recall the e-mail part went where they should. It happened right in front of me while I was trying to do work and was majorly not OK. (My Cooker ML posts are all deleted now as I’m in read only and respond elsewhere as far as that ML is concerned. Trust is broken.) Besides I can read the archives.

Worth noting: RE my comments in two most recent posts above. I don’t know who did any of this or if it was an anomaly. If someone did something I do not for one minute believe it was intentional in fact I’m sure it wasn’t. But I’m trying to get across how profoundly this affected me and how I see it.

Post-edit: The way this all happened right in front of my eyes has destroyed any trust in that mailing list functioning for me.

Maybe I did something that, as you say, broke your confidence (especially by splitting the OOT discussion to workshop category) despite I try my best to arrange, in this case all my apologize .

Maybe someone else can help me by giving me a way to solve the problem, if doable, because I’m somewhat out of ideas on how to help :thinking:

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If you say a message was sent but not received by ml: please send me the source of the sent message that disappeared so i can see what happened in logs.

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Not sure what you are referring to, but I moved your post from here (I understood that it was not intended as reply here) to the cooker category, where it would belong to.
I have also noticed you of what I did.
Anyway mistakes happen, we are sure everything done with the best intentions :wink:

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Well since then no posts I’ve made have gone to Cooker forum. But don’t get to excited about this since I won’t be able to trust that ML until some time goes by and see something change.

Worth noting: This should have been mentioned to me immediately if it was I missed it.

No one seems willing at this time to look at an analyze if this was or was not a good idea or if it is something we should do another way. To me that is exactly what is needed but that seems to be a lonely opinion.

So for now the simplest solution is for me to do what I already am. I am still subscribed to Cooker ML but for me it has to be read only and respond somewhere else. The Cooker ML simply can’t be trusted.

As far as I can see your messages have been delivered to the “true” mailing list, just like it should be.
(the forum is not the engine, it’s a mirror)

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That is not the point. If my work is going to be displayed in the forum I want control over that. Anything else to me amounts to stealing my freedom, stealing my work. I can’t stand that. And now that I’ve been stepped on I just won’t play that game anymore.

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There probably is not any point in discussing this for a while as this has affected me to deeply psychologically and something this profound takes time to heal.

And I well understand that Y’all don’t get how much this has bothered me. I’m not even sure if I’ve gotten anyone to understand why it bothers me.