Convert old Vanilla forums to warc


This message for inform that I have succeded to find a way to convert old forum (still here: with ssl error furthermore) to webarchive (warc), like the snapshots you can find in This mean we will be able to get rid of potentially dangerous unmaintained php/mysql couples. Though the forums are in read only mode, there is still is one instance per language, not up to date.

I could not use httprack for it because it’s unable to detect duplicate pages (ie same page with different url)

Now there is several solutions, my prefered is to let the archive downloadable as is (and you have to run a local warc reader to explore it) or to run an online warc reader in our infra, or try to convert it to html static pages, but it’s not so straightforward. We can also upload the archive to Conifer | About (never tried this service, I don’t know what are the constraints, out of having an account there)

Yes I get this, and no way to add exception

Whatever the way, I’d suggest to choose the simplest and less time/resources wasting one is available.

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Firefox is more paranoid in latest releases. I still have a quite old one (esr).

This is Chromiun :grin:

We might disable https for this url.

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