Connect your machine to our ABF


as you may know our build system is very modular ( and it supports dockers. You may want to help us and connect your machine to ABF.

Here are simple requirements and steps to do:

  1. make sure your machine have decent uptime (at least you run it 24/7)
  2. make sure it has at lease 4 GB of RAM and 10 GB of free disk space
  3. make sure docker is running on your machine
  4. download this image by running this command as root: docker pull openmandriva/builder
  5. You will need to modify the command below before running it. Where it says you will need to change the EXTERNAL part to read your host name (or any other name you choose). It will then read something like
  6. run this command as root:
    docker run -td --restart=always --privileged=true -h -e BUILD_TOKEN="wbS9vUndfSrDQpbPyxpK" -e BUILD_ARCH="x86_64,i586" -e BUILD_PLATFORM="cooker,3.0,openmandriva2014.0" openmandriva/builder
  7. Post here you started to donate your CPU cycles :slight_smile:

How does it work ?
Our ABF will start to dispatch packages waiting in queue for building, to not occupied registered docker containers that are running openmandriva/builder image.
Inside that container ina clean chroot a rpmbuild command will start to download dependent rpm files, build rpm packages, test it and upload to our repostiory when everything is fine.