Communication - some news

Publishing on behalf of Colin (itchka)

In response to posts both on the forums and a personal approach by a user to myself an item called COMMUNICATIONS was added to the agenda of todays TC meeting.

A lively discussion took place, it was accepted that there was truth in the criticism and so various means were discussed to see how the problem could be addressed. It was decided that an item be added to each weeks meeting agenda. This item is simply called Info.

At this point in the agenda all the members of the meeting will offer news items that they think will be interesting and helpful to users. The meeting chairperson will record these using our standard meeting bot. At the end of the meeting these news items will be posted to a specially designated forum thread.
These will hopefully give users some idea as to the progress of the distribution. This will be the first of a number of actions that will be taken to better inform you all.


Colin Close
OpenMandriva Association


Please have a look at first TC meeting report here :wink:

all this is going in the right direction, thank you Cristina :wink:


I post a translated message to the Spanish forum:

Please, review it.