Cinnamon desktop is available

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(Cris) #1

Cinnamon desktop should be ready for use on OMV4, latest version for all archs.

Also for LX3 :slight_smile:

(rugyada) #2

Not sure what is not working. Attached install log
konsole_17-inst-cinnamon.txt (33,9 KB)

Testing in virtualbox.

This happens as soon as desktop is displayed, after sddm login

(Cris) #3

probably just a missing dep - can you attached rpm -qa?

(rugyada) #4

rpmqa.txt (77,2 KB)

(Cris) #5

have a go now with cinnamon-4.0.9-4 should be ok?

(rugyada) #6

Yes, now better :+1:

It seems to me that it’s missing of an image viewer program.