Checklist for testing ROME and Rock ISOs

Use the checklist and fill out the elements one can answer. Then rename the checklist with your nick or handle in place of my-nickname, and post it as a .txt file in the English/Support forum with a descriptive title. Regarding reporting it is mostly important to report things you find that you believe may be an issue or bug. For serious technical issues or bugs please file a proper bug report here.

my-nickname_short_checklist.txt (2.1 KB)

For hardware info you can post the output of:

inxi -F

If one wishes to post output of coredumpctl or journalctl -b that is easy by outputting the command to a .txt file:

coredumpctl > coredumpctl.txt


journalctl -b > journalctl.txt

If coredumpctl is empty there is no need to post.
It is a good idea to post the journal.txt file.
In the case of the journal output users need to be aware that there are lines that contain the word “failed” or “error” that are normal output not a problem. Only the more technically knowledgeable know which are real errors and which are not.

There is a more “extended” checklist for those with more time for testing:

my-nickname_checklist-extended.txt (4.7 KB)

Suggestions to improve this process or the this document are welcome. Please make such suggestions in the English/Development Testing forum. Use a descriptive tile for your forum posts.

In the Resources forum we lock threads to prevent pollution, off topic comments, spam, ect.

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