Changes OpenMandriva IRC channels (Updated 2012-06-21)

Something happened today with Freenode as described here. The result is that anyone logged in to OM IRC channels #openmandriva or #openmandriva-cooker will get a big surprise next time they log out. They will have to re-register their nick when they log back in. The old IRC channels are gone and had to be recreated and re-registered. There are also the same channels created and registered on Libera Chat. (But the Libera Chat channels and Freenode channels are not bridged, not connected.)

FWIW this happened to all Freenode channels. This is not an OpenMandriva issue it is a change Freenode made.

At this time not sure if OM will stay with Freenode or switch to Libera Chat or go to matrix or some other option.

Stay tuned. We will enlighten everyone as soon as we know more.

We will announce any decision in the channels on Matrix, Libera Chat, and Freenode so users can adjust accordingly.

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Thanks see you soon :grinning:

OpenMandriva is no longer using Freenode.

Currently we have the previously existing and on Matrix. Also we have #openmandriva and #openmandriva-cooker on Libera Chat.
Unfortunately they are not bridged yet but we are at work on getting this done.

For now please use the channels on Matrix. You can connect here with your browser or you can connect with a Matrix client like NeoChat, Mirage, or Quarternion. In OM repositories Mirage is under package name matrix-mirage. NeoChat is just neochat and Quarternion is quaternion.

Instructions to connect with the more traditional IRC via instructions are here. Just know that this is not yet bridged to the Matrix instances and the OM Community is using the Matrix instances for now.

If users have any questions or need help please post in the Support forum.

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A quick “How To” for anyone wanting to try one or the Matrix clients in OM repos here.

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#openmandriva-cooker IRC channel is bridged. It is bridged between Libera Chat, Matrix, and Telegram.

#openmandriva IRC channel is not yet bridged due to technical difficulties. Our Infra Team is working on this with the folks at Libera and Matrix. Currently conversation on #openmandriva is taking place on Matrix until we can get this resolved.

Thanks to @raphael for his hard work on this in a difficult and confusing situation.

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Both IRC channels, #openmandriva and #openmandriva-cooker, are bridged now. Channels are bridged between Libera Chat, Matrix, and Telegram. Thanks @raphael.

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