Can't do a search in Chromium address bar


  • _OpenMandriva Lx version:_OpenMandriva Lx 23.08 (ROME)

  • Desktop environment (KDE, LXQT…): KDE

  • Description of the issue (screenshots if relevant):
    When I start a search in Chromium address bar I get a pop up saying “Open xdg-open
    A website wants to open this application. Cancel Open xdg-open” Clicking either one gets nowhere. I’d probably better use another browser, Falkon Web Browser to name it, which doesn’t have that issue.

  • Relevant informations (hardware involved, software version, logs or output…):

Yes, we were discussing this post on OM Chat. If you select search by Duck Duck Go or Bing they work. Google does not work. My guess is perhaps this is because OM Chromium packages are Ungoogled.

Edit: Looks like everything but Google search works. I like it.

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