Can members suggest new forum....Tags or add tags?


this is a forum question not a request for support.

I have found the tags list

I am guessing mods do not want people adding new tags that might be searched and mislead people if…the tag is wrong…tag is good but the answer had no relevance etc etc.

So let me be the bunny to ask for confirmation of this.

When I do a post…and I am awake…I like to add tags so I can search for similar posts without knowing exactly what someone else wrote etc.

Recently I wanted to add some tags like
abf-downloads…had to choose abf instead
konsole…not able to add to post

I can think of a number of tags currently missing that might include
alsa…audio exists
pulseaudio…pulse exists
sensor…I am thinking of psensor

Let me know your thoughts when you have time

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