Call for Council renewal


for information, a call for Council renewal has been posted to the members Loomio group.

Here is the copy of the text:

Hello members,

As required by our statutes we are running the Council election process. Here is a description of the responsibilities and qualities required to stand for Council

The Purpose of the Council is

  • To improve and promote the OpenMandriva Project
  • To enable and encourage communication between the contributors
  • To be the official representatives of the association
  • To elect and support the associations administrators: Treasurer and Secretary
  • To elect and support the president (project manager and legal representative of the association)
  • To organize and chair regular collective team and where required boards meetings
  • To ensure that the work of the distro is properly financed
  • To audit the work of the bureau (The Association administrators)


  • Council consists of people representing each department. The current departments are:
    • Cooker (development)
    • QA (quality assurance and testing)
    • Workshop (artwork, communication and PR, documentation)
    • Infrastructure (both web services and ABF)
    • Legal/Bureau
      *Two people to represent each team. They should decide between them which of them will be the lead and which the deputy. If possible people who have experience in the disciplines required for the teams should be those that lead.
  • A member of each team reports regularly by whatever means collectively agreed on the status and actions that their group is currently engaged in. These reports should be regular, generally monthly is appropriate.
  • When live (interactive) meetings are held, each team may contribute items to the meeting agenda though the final agenda will be under the general control of the meeting chairperson.
  • Group meetings should be held on a regualr basis; monthly as a minimum but should be more frequent when important milestones are close. These meetings will replace any other regular meeting.
  • Council meetings to discuss distro policy; i.e. issues not related to the direct production of the distro or provision of distro services will held as and when required.

Please be aware that being a member of the Council will require regular and important involvement in the project. You may be solicited by members and non-members and you must be willing to interact with them or to provide the relevant Teams with any assistance and information useful to complete the task.

If you are interested, please send an email to council [at] openmandriva [dot] org.