Bumblebee daemon

I have a nvidia optimus laptop: two graphic cards intel and nvidia. The Linux support to use the nvidia card is provided by bumblebee package. I installed bumblebee and its dependencies.

First the package dkms-bbswitch should load bbswitch modules to the kernel but it did not at first time, I had to reinstall it.

Second, the bumblebee daemon was not activated. I had to manually, as root, do

$ bumblebeed &

Is there a way to have bumblebee daemon activated at boot?


# systemctl enable bumblebeed.service

Thanks Luca.

A few comments on this.

First. I’ve looked for a service related to bumblebee in the drakconf => system => service manager but couldn’t find. I could find this service at systemsettings5=>systemd when I marked “inactive services” on.

For some reason, line commanding “systemctl enable bumblebeed.service” did not work(???). I activated this via systemsettings5 systemd option.

These comments are just to say that enabling bumblebeed.service does not seems to be a newbie friendly task. As a suggestion/question why wouldn’t this service be loaded and active by default after installing bumblebee? Bumblebee has restrictions to users that are not in its group so, if the reason not to have it by default after installation is security, it could be asked which users are going to be in bumblebee’s group or just root given a warn to mark which users are going to be in this group.

Thanks again.

Could not find where to mark Luca’s post as the one that solved the problem …I would like to do it!


# systemctl enable bumblebeed.service
# systemctl start bumblebeed.service

should work

I agree with you that things could be done in better way for newbe.

Please file a bugreport. I suspect it’s not the only one missing service.

Bug 1871 reports the problems I had to use bumblebee in OMV LX 3.0 and this includes its service. Do you mean a bugreport on the specific problem of missing bumblebeed.service?

for now let’s see if Bug 1871 is enough

please read here :wink:

It’s because it’s not in “support” category.

I move it now. @adelson.oliveira please check :slight_smile: