Budgie desktop, interesting?


I see that Ubuntu has a new flavour based on Budgie desktop, a desktop written in Qt.

I wondered if

  • it may interest us a Qt5 alternative to Lxqt, KDE; but contrary to Ubuntu budgie, we would provide Qt based software.
  • it’s (again) a new name for a project that already interests some of dev team (Papyros, Hawai etc)

Mention: @TPG @bero @fedya @rugyada

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I tested the iso Solus Budgie in vbox: simple and efficient.

It will be interesting when version 11 comes out.

Good to see more and more projects realizing that GTK crap just doesn’t cut it.

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In download.
Look, they have a Public Key… :smirk:

But not signed by a CA.

We have nothing… :grin:

I asked/requested several times, but no response.

It’s nice this Budgie Desktop :thumbsup:

If installing Solus-Budgie in VirtualBox do you set up VBox exactly like you do for OM Lx X.X?

You mean when you start to create the new virtual machine?

Yes. Things like enable PAE/NX and so forth.

I selected “Other Linux (64 bit)”, and leave everything else as default like I usually do for OM.
Noticed a smart thing: I give 4GB ram, and the automatic partitioning set 1GB swap.

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OK, thanks.

I gave only 2 GB ram and didn’t activate EFI.

Not yet version 11, however:

Budgie 10.4 is considered a major release on our 10.x series, with significant improvements to applets, panels, and personalization of Budgie


Mention: @TPG @bero @fedya @Cooker

I think it needs gnome