BTRFS file system as an alternative to ext4?


Lx 2014.2
Lx 3.03


Does anyone have any experience with using the btrfs file system? The spec’s look appealing, but the user reports, not so much, although it’s difficult to assess the user error factor, which is in all honesty openly acknowledged in many cases reported. Some seem to indicate high maintenance at best, moderate to disastrous at worst, especially with some RAID set-ups, while others claim extended operation with zero issues.

Any thoughts?


Performance differences in “Gee Whiz” magazine articles are one thing but do you really think you would notice the difference while using a computer?

I use ext4 myself on both SSD’s and HDD’s. We do have some enthusiasts for f2fs for SSD’s. Btrfs and f2fs aren’t so well supported by grub2. You would basically see this as line “Sparse file not allowed select any key to continue” and a small delay before grub2 starts booting. Otherwise when using either I haven’t really seen any problem or advantage. I doubt most users would.

I guess my reasons for ext4 are 2. One is that it is well tried and proven technology and two that I don’t believe I could tell any performance difference that might exist. You can be sure that there are people that disagree with my view point.

Hard to say for me, as i’m using F2FS filesystem on all my gear that runs OMV.