Branching nvidia problems

Continuando a discussão do PROPOSAL: Blog post about reasonable expectations for nVidia proprietary driver users:

Yes, it happens here too, with my wife’s computer. The computer freezes and even network ceases to work. We cannot discard nvidia proprietary drivers by now. Unfortunately, new kernel = no nvidia.

I’m still mildly baffled why people continue to want to complain to Linux distros about this If results are the goal the complaints need to go directly to the source, nVidia. These issues will never be fixed unless nVidia does so.

As I see it if the volume of complaints that Linux distros get were instead directed to nVidia then nVidia would have much more incentive to change in a positive direction for Linux users.


Graphic drivers support is among the main components the end-users consider when choosing a distro.

As a common user I’d prefer to install for everydays usage - that means internet, email, office, etc. but also graphic software and games for my amusement - a distribution which full supports at their best the proprietary drivers.
That’s a fact.