Beautiful Easy to use Login Screen


Easy to use

Do OMA have any idea about crating a Beautiful + Easy to use Login Screen?

Hi don’t really understand your question. Could you give some more details on what you wish?

The OLD login Screen looks beautiful. but the new one is easy to use. I prefer the old one.
is it possible to add a beautiful easy to use login Screen?

Today I install the OM Lx 3.02.
So far OK. Like the test 3.02 System boots in text mode.

I thought you may replace it with an image.

Is it possible to cove it with default image.

Use autologin and you won’t know the difference.

I have to admit though the one rugyada designed with the flower does look much better. Perhaps if you download it from gallery you can add it in SystemSettings.

EDIT: The flower picture is in ‘/usr/share/sddm/themes/breeze/components/artwork/background.png’ so perhaps something is borked.

Replace the backgound…

Now looks grate.

How do I cover text mode booting with /usr/share/sddm/themes/breeze/components/artwork/background.png ?
Now displays like this…

This is a separate issue and involves Plymouth. Please start a new thread in ‘Support’.

Closing thread as it seems Resolved for OP.

It’s already there. It only goes away if you change anything in SystemSettings>Startup and Shutdown>Login Screen (SDDM) you then get changed to the plain blue background. Solution to get the flower background back is here.

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