Automatic ISO Release System

Hi everyone,

The current process we have for releasing ISOs is labour intensive and repetitive and easy to automate. I’m wondering if there’s any way we can have ABF send a message to a system of our choosing when an ISO is tagged as being ready for release, which would then build torrents, upload to sourceforge, and be pushed to our mirrors. Methods of doing this could be any of the usual suspects, WebHook, Amazon SQS, or an email.
Is this possible, or more trouble than it is worth?

Certainly interesting. Don’t know if it is/isn’t possible myself. Will mention this at TC meeting today.

Didn’t get to this in today’s TC meeting. Is on list for next weeks TC meeting. Anyone interested it’s on #openmandriva-cooker @ freenode IRC at 17:00 CEST Wednesday. Please stop by and contribute. Or just listen.

I was thinking earlier that even if ABF can’t drop a notification itself, it’d be worth implementing a system which means we can log in, give the system a URL and an SHA1 sum and it’ll go out and do the rest itself. If we could have it happen automatically though would be even better.

Maybe a simple script could do that?

That’s true, yes, it would be fairly simple and easier to make as a script. I’d been thinking too much about automatically triggering it rather than making it easy.