Attention Rolling users (Major ugrade)

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First - why this is still in Development Testing forum. Because Rolling still has not been announced to the public. We hope to do this soon. At present we are testing and fixing some things related to making .iso files. When this is done and normal testing for release is done we will be doing the public announcement. And then Rolling will join the “Official” family of OM Lx releases.

Now about the Rolling upgrade.

This is a major upgrade.

@bero began copy cooker 2 rolling April 3 and finished on April 4. It is important that you upgrade your Rolling (and Cooker) systems the correct way always:

$ sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf distro-sync

I had 2 Rolling VirtualBox VM’s that upgraded with no issues. At the end there are some questions asked about keeping current file or installing the package maintainers version. Normally accepting the defaults is safe. Packages you for sure want to keep the existing file are the ones that have your passwords. They are:


For those always select to keep the existing file.

Note: For Rolling (and Cooker) it is unwise to upgrade your system with Discover or dnfDragora. They use a command that is desigened to work best with our stable release but this command can lead to problems in a more dynamic environment like OM Lx Cooker or Rolling.


This was at least a month overdue, but a lot of that time was result of the ABF server crash and changing to new, bigger and better ABF servers. The new servers are donated by Ampere in coordination with Oregon State University - Open Source Lab.
About the server crash - All the details and little things that come up that absolutely have to be fixed in a server crash like this was just amazing. We are still finding and fixing things.

And everyone that does this is an unpaid volunteer. Community Distro.


$ sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dhf distro-sync

Hello, @ben79, thanks for the guide! However, excuse me, at the above you typed dhf but I believe you meant dnf? I tried to run your command in Konsole it said bash: dhf: command not found....

Good catch, and thanks for reporting. dhf is a typo. Should be corrected now.

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We need to report that the public release of Rolling is once again delayed. The latest problem is issues with our main QA tool. People are working on this.

Those of us in the contributor group are learning that these delays are part of how things transpire in an all volunteer organization where every contributor is part-time and unpaid. When one key person has a day job emergency or family event, ect. things get delayed. There just are not any paid employee’s to tell get <some_function> done by <some_time>.

It is worth mentioning that folks in the contributor group have been using Rolling since release of OM Lx 4.0. It is well working and has been stable for us. So users are certainly welcome to use this and by so doing you will be helping us test. The more testers on more varied hardware the better.

Note: There will be at least one more major upgrade before we do the public announcement. We hope this is coming very soon.

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You are welcome, @ben79. Greetings, I am a new member here just registered last night. I am from Indonesia.

Thank you for reporting & we are passionately waiting!