Artists, bands, groups and music you like!

What kind of music do you like?

I love Swing Out Sister! Listen:

And you? :slight_smile:


Well there is this. :santa:

Don’t think it’s my favorite though…

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I like lot of genres, hard to say i’m keen on one.

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I like all kinds of music. Here are 2 that are native to where I am (Southeast Louisiana).

Seeing Otis Redding and BB King in Mississippi nightclubs was one of the musical highlights of my partially misspent youth.

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I could make a never ending list, but here are a few randoms:

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Same here :smile:

Among a lot of others:


and so on … :wink:


Neil Young <3 (also Sixto Rodriguez)

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and from my top 10…

… but a few hundred songs are in my top 10 :wink:


So true. At least a 100.

great, thank so much

What about Zydeco/Gregorian chant fusion? It’s what’s happening now all along the “Redneck Riveria”.

(Apologies to Tibetan throat singing fans.)