Announcement: KDE Plasma 5.14.0

Among many other things, Plasma 5.14 simplifies managing multiple displays thanks to its new Display Configuration widget; Global Menus à la macOS now work also with GTK applications like GIMP; a new safeguard feature warns you if other users are logged in when you log out; and Discover now lets you install Snaps from all available channels and not just the default, orders software by release date, and shows package dependencies.


I recall @bero telling us that for Lx 4.0 we will have Plasma 5.14.X so something else to look forward to.

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I wonder about this snap integration. Is it something we can use in OM Lx, even though it comes from Ubuntu? Apparently you can in Fedora.

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OK, just to confirm this is not something in the future for Lx 4.0 it’s here now. This screen-shot is in a fully updated Cooker system on my desktop today:

Post-edit: From todays TC-meeting:

bero: so the only news from my side is that Plasma 5.14.0 is in and KApps 18.08.2 will be in soon

From what I remember in one team meeting, I gave an idea to import a snap to OpenMandriva LX4.

Unfortunately, it seems that the snap is a bad solution. And will not appear in Lx 4.
More here:


Specifically about snap and flatpak:

18:11:24 <AngryPenguin> bero: maybe this as new feature for 4.0:
18:11:26 <AngryPenguin> :D
18:12:51 <bero> I personally don't like that brokenbuntu crap at all... It's outright dangerous to duplicate copies of libraries with everything and all... But it might be necessary to install some upcoming non-free games or whatever. What do others think?
18:12:56 <crazy> AngryPenguin: please no .. stay away with this crap
18:13:33 <crazy> bero: why would you need it when you have everything you need ?
18:13:53 <crazy> bero: to run some crapbuntu ancient container as lib in OM ?
18:13:57 <crazy> cmon
18:14:18 <AngryPenguin> anyway flatpak is ready for lx4?
18:14:28 <crazy> there is no need for any of this crap including flatpaks
18:14:36 <crazy> hehe
18:14:38 <crazy> :D
18:14:40 <bero> crazy: The only reason why I could see it as being useful is to be able to run some new game or whatever that is released only as snap, flatpak or similar stuff
18:14:43 <crazy> no idea AngryPenguin
18:14:58 <bero> AngryPenguin: supposed to work, but I think that too is a really bad idea
18:15:12 <bero> It's essentially repeating everything that Microsoft got wrong
18:15:19 <bero> bundle every library with every application
18:15:31 <bero> so when a security bug in glibc shows up, you get to update 10000 packages instead of one
18:15:35 <crazy> bero: they should release a appimage or how is called .. same crap but you can chmod +x it it && ./run_it
18:15:45 <bero> and if one doesn't get the update, it remains affected
18:16:12 <bero> crazy: true
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In fact it may be interesting if the number of packages installed with snap is small, indeed some games, or some big apps not maintained by oma team.

Thinking for example of Brave browser.

Concerning flatpak, this seems to be in line with bero’s and crazy’s reluctance.

I don’t know if it’s similar for snap.

edit: reading the discussion brings a more nuanced perspective.

And this says the opposite.

Installing applications in Linux is already easy if things are properly designed.

OpenMandriva has not built a working ISO for Lx 3, Lx 4, or Cooker for how many months? (Seems like we’re going on to 7 months on that one.) I’d rather this issue gets more attention than developers spending time on more package managers regardless of how cool they might be. Think about that folks. No working ISO for 7 months? Going this long without being able to build an ISO would seem to indicate that we have already had more change than we have been able to adapt to. Please lets get working ISO’s for Cooker/Lx 4 and get Lx 4 released before we add anything else new.

I don’t see the benefit for OpenMandriva to use our development resources on a package management device (Snap) developed by Ubuntu/Canonical for phones. We need it for what?

Flatpak is available in OpenMandriva Lx 3 repos but I have never tried it nor do I have any inclination to. So obviously I don’t see why we need to be using our development resources on it either. Again for what? What do either of these do that I can’t already do?

If we had more resources on the development side the conversation could and should be different. But as matters stand I think we should stick to supporting Lx 3 and developing Lx 4 and not add to the load.

I’ll grant that these opinions might get me labeled as a stick in the mud.


Note: About Flatpak there is also this. :dizzy_face:

Before anyone hollers I know that we are able to build ISO’s again by “working” I mean working from the standpoint of working for the average not tech-savvy user.

Indeed, in fact both ycombinator and reddit discussions were replies to this page, so for me this link was implied :sweat_smile: