Airvpn wont install on openmandriva 4.1

Hi I am trying to install airvpn but it has dependancy problems first one was libappindicator which I fixed by downloading rpm but now its asking for mono-core but cant find it I did a search on duckduck go but no luck my os is openmandriva 4.1 kde any ideas

I will be back at 3 am Thailand time to see if I got an answer
regards Ronaldo


This is external packages. To install it in OpenMandriva you have two options.
One download this eddie-ui_2.16.3_linux_x64_fedora.rpm with this app and then:

sudo dnf install mono
sudo rpm -i --nodeps eddie-ui_2.16.3_linux_x64_fedora.rpm

Then launch it. To see if everytings works ok, you can launch it from terminal by: eddie-ui

Second options is: download portable version from .tar.gz package, unpack it and launch eddie-ui script. Both options works here, for me. Not trying if vpn conntection works itself but app launch fine.

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ok working thanks angry

anyway to get client version eddie-ui_2.20.0_linux_x64_fedora.rpm to run in 4.2? still asking for libsecet and mono-core…