Activating kmail on OpenMandrivaLx3.03 gives errors


The first time I start kmail under a new user it terminates with a fatal error and an error report akonadi-selftest-report-20180620.txt (20.0 KB). Akonadi seems to be in trouble.

Here are the pop-up windows I get:


I have no idea how severe this problem is, but when I restart kmail a second time it seems to start-up, and let me configure my mail environment.

Does anyone noticed this behaviour and has it consequences for the save operation of the kmail program?


This is not a problem. I suspect that the kmail environment was not set up quite for the new user. I have had this error myself but kmail works just fine.

I don’t get any such error starting KMail here. From that error report:

Previous Akonadi control error log found.
Details: The Akonadi control process reported errors during its previous startup. The log can be found in /home/vhelmont/.local/share/akonadi/akonadi_control.error.old.

File content of ‘/home/vhelmont/.local/share/akonadi/akonadi_control.error.old’:
Unable to register service as “org.freedesktop.Akonadi.Control.lock” Maybe it’s already running?QFileSystemWatcher::removePaths: list is emptyQFileSystemWatcher::removePaths: list is empty

Try removing or moving that file if you want to get rid of the error.

Post edit: FWIW: @Colin is far more knowledgeable about KMail than I am. I don’t use it.

Post edit-2: Plus to ease your mind all that is telling you is that a “Previous Akonadi server error log was found”. It is the “/home/vhelmont/.local/share/akonadi/akonadi_control.error.old”
so remove it I’m thinking.