ABF: what about a dedicated category?

Hi to all,
some people wish to know how to use ABF in order to help the devs to maintain our distro in a good shape or for their own purpose.
I suggest to create a dedicated category under Development testing.
Thus we will be able to easily pick up the useful infos in order to build a practical doc in the wiki, for example.
If you are ok with that proposal, we could move the topics related to ABF in this sub-category.

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It would be better


Ok. Let’s do it. It will always be possible to change the things is needed.

Imho is good to have a dedicated category but I’m not sure about subcategory under Development testing.

Still mumbling :thinking:
I tend to see it more as a category under main English.
ABF beginners, starting in ABF, ABF for newcomers, or such kind of name. You got the sense, maybe some English natives can help with the naming.

https://forum3.openmandriva.org/c/en/abf-for-beginners :thumbsup:

Discourse thinks you are right @rugyada: it is not able to manage more then 2 levels of categories :wink:
– two topics have been moved
– level 1 users (more than 5 topics entered) can create topics, because I think we want serious docs here. But this setting can be changed

About the creation of wiki pages, there is the possibility to use the discourse’s tool make wiki but I didn’t experiment yet. Apparently, only admins can do it but once the wiki is created evry user should be able to edit it.
You can also flag a topic asking to make it wiki.
We could try with the last @jojodu34’s topic.

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Imho the OP should decide to make it wiki his post or not.
In the latter case, users can comment and give their valued suggestions - which OP is free to add by editing his own post.

In fact the creator of a thread can wikify the first post (if s/he wants to make it collaborative)

If s/he simply wants to improve it s/he can edit it any time :slight_smile: