Abf openmandriva email is broken

Calling all in infra the above email address does not seem to work anymore but the abf devs need info from it to be able to do important things with abf. Is it permanently lost or just broken?

Hi Colin,
it seems that the email is working well now. Probably a temporary failure.

I am unable to setup an imap account for any account despite having the proper credentials. I cannot authenticate. What server address should I be using?

Jc one of the abf admins needs to get mails from the abf@openmandriva mail account how do we connect to this account please.

From the bbw:

Incoming mail server: mail.openmandriva.org
port: 143 for imap
security: starttls
user name: abf
Outgoing mail server: mail.openmandriva.org
port: 587
security: starttls
user name: abf

Colin, from when have you encountered the trouble?
I just saw in the bbw that there are two pwd for this account. I used the first one to do the test. Maybe the trouble went when Raphaël switched to the new host.
Just in case I think I could change the pwd.

Thanks Jc I have it working now. The new passwords do not work so there is some kind of issue with them …
Maybe too long perhaps…
I had trouble with kmail but wen I switced to thunderbird everthing just worked.
Thanks for the help.
BTW the web mail interface is busted and chwido has some kind of issue continuously logging in and out of irc.

I’ve tried to fix the irc bot issue but all the servers are denying me access. Has the port changed?
Belay that I’m in :slight_smile:
chwido is fixed.

No. Remember that you cannot login as root via ssh. You have an account in jasper but not in jade.
I’ll create one and send you your pwd.