ABF Cooker Xfce Image - Build 1356

@AngryPenguin Hi. Installed Cooker Xfce Build # 1356 from ABF into a VirtualBox. It installed and updated successfully.

om-repo-picker (as was the case with Build 1308) would not save the Cooker Non-Free repo, nor prompt for root password, was able to add via dnf config-manager.

For Build 1356: Firefox crashes. It only displays the title bar and window border for a few seconds, then closes. Running it from a terminal produced this output:

~]$ firefox
console.error: Region.jsm: "Error fetching region" (new TypeError("NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.", ""))
console.error: Region.jsm: "Failed to fetch region" (new Error("NO_RESULT", "resource://gre/modules/Region.jsm", 421))
Exiting due to channel error.
Exiting due to channel error.
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Crash dumps and screenshots attached.

Thunderbird will not configure any e-mail accounts, the Personal Security Manager (PSM) did not install with it.

coredumpctl-debug-1467.txt (78.8 KB)
coredumpctl-debug-1516.txt (17.4 KB)