ABF Cooker Xfce Image - Build 1308

@rugyada Successful installation! :grinning:


  • Initial login screen appeared with LIVE as the username, password was obvious. :slight_smile:

  • On the first boot after installation, the desktop displayed a CD icon labeled OpenMandrivaLx4.90. Right-click options were Open and Mount Volume. Gigolo also started automatically. Unchecked the box for Gigolo in Settings/Session and Startup/Application Autostart and rebooted. This removed the icon from the desktop.

  • om-repo-picker: Cooker Main and Unsupported were already enabled. It would not save the Non-Free repo when selected, did not prompt for the password afterwards. Used dnf config-manager to add it, successfully. Subsequent dnf dsync, no issues.

  • Installation from start to finish in a VirtualBox - three minutes. Incredible!

Thank you.


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@epp Thank you for the feedback :wink:

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@rugyada You’re very welcome. This install is going to be my main Cooker VirtualBox. :slight_smile:

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@rugyada Had one more note I wrote down, but forgot to include it above, sorry. When the login screen appeared, the desktop pull down was on Failsafe X Session, easily changed to the Xfce entry and logged in.

@epp Yes, I’m aware of it. See my first screenshot I published on the purpose to show to pay attention at the session dropdown choice.

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I would like to offer a settings change suggestion for the Xfce Panel, in future builds.

In this build (1308), the Panel only displays the minimized windows, by default.

I went into the Panel Preferences, selected Window Buttons and the wrench icon (Settings). I then unchecked the box next to ‘Show only minimized windows’, in which all windows, minimized or not, now appear in the Panel.

Saves on mouse clicks when switching between windows. :slight_smile: