A proud scion of name: OpenMandriva Lx 3.02 release

Dear Community,
After several months of hard work we are very proud and excited to announce OpenMandriva Lx 3.02 release today. We hope you will enjoy this release of OpenMandriva Lx, its range of cutting edge features, quick to boot, fast in use and which brings you all the latest software.
It comes after our holidays gift, and this time it is a solstice gift =)
The distribution ISO is bootable in BIOS or UEFI from usb stick or DVD and uses the Calamares installer to guide you through (...)

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The illustration is a quick and dirty image manipulation of a picture coming from our gallery.

It was for a representation of solstice (summer in North and winter in South)

Would you be able to find the original picture? :smile_cat:

(edit: you can see it better here: News - OpenMandriva )

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Great job!
Really thanks to all developers, testers and contributors who make this possible.

Well done ! Thanks for everyone who helped to achieve this goal!

Everybody please share this great news on social medias :slight_smile:

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Excellent news !!!

PS: Please, publish the SHA1 and MD5 checksums too !!!

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They are published and available on mirrors and at SourceForge. I’m not sure about torrents but as I recall the checksums are part or the torrent?


Many thanks to all involved. Great job for a such a small group. Well done.



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an openMandriva without an direct install, only because you are can not wait for the next release of Calamares ?

really ?

headwaving… tzzz noo… this is not an mandriva/mandrake way…

i want not boot a full plasmadesktop for installing …
only because you are not in able to wait … no,
from me, not a “good done” on the contrary …

oh mann …


Thanks to you too Blacky :slight_smile:

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Blackcrack broke it. Again. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Tomorrow I will try to Install a fresh Copy… :sunglasses:…


I like this for the most part. I love that you use calamares as it makes for an easier install. I also like that you have more up to date items then others out there. The problems I had was that if I started up the thumb drive I just got the beginning screen if I did not turn on UEFI. Once turned on then it loaded up just fine. I get a black screen when selecting the language and hardware cleanup. It starts out fine but you just see the title bar and a black screen below this with out it showing you what is happening. One thing that would be nice for the installer is to be able to select the desktop you want like you show that LXQT is also included so I should have a screen where I can select if I want to install this rather then KDE. I do enjoy this desktop and also the Welcome screen as it does help get started and even after getting started being able to launch it to make it easy to do other task that might be hard to find otherwise.

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what, this was no feature, was an bug ? huhh ?

oookeaayy … now well, i have to early puked out … 8]

so… why did you are not examine the iso if you are give out…
specially they one who have let roll on the iso - produce on
abf and give out *questionmark-> looking on* !

how can it be ? want someone still really destroy omlx in the public ?

hell, if i produce something, do i am test several times in
different possibles (vbox -and- hardware) to be really work and
not something like this … for this it is possible for give out a rc1 and a rc2 before and if all works, then a Officially Full 100% working iso/software

really common, can not be …

best regards

My stock answer to things like this is about to become “If you don’t like it contribute to fixing it yourself”. This is how a Community distribution is supposed to work.

If you paid attention you would know that the issue of “Install” on the Lx 3.02 ISO not working was talked about and worked on for the last 3 weeks of development. It wasn’t fixed. Why? Because we don’t have anyone that knows how to fix it at this time.

Also it does work in a lot of circumstances it only doesn’t work sometimes in some circumstances. Problems like this are vastly harder to diagnose than things that don’t work 100% of the time.

So if you don’t like and want it fixed be proactive and contribute to fixing it yourself. Colin (itchka) is leading the effort on trying to fix this. I suggest you contact him and and ask how you can contribute to helping get this fixed.


Hi Ben :slight_smile:

humm… at first… why it is comes all like it is comes, there on this Distro, why be the peoples run away where can programming … and have no interesting to work help there … something who have you not becoming with ! (not against you, it’s something other or some other thing where i want not speak on … but you know it… if you have speak with mib)
So, no wonder…

but the iso was given and able to testing and the emergency mode in the behind the selecting install it is real given and it is repeatable… easy a Iso giving out without check this it is culpable !
If works something not well, can you not give this out… end, off … and the direct install it is obviously . So it should it be unable to give out at this time -because: it works not-
&& because: not really testet , but something like the installer… if the installer not works … because the x system works not or maybe it is because all works now on wayland and the bug it is not fixed (yes i have read it on calamares) have we to wait for the version where it is work.
And not say… uhh the one works, so try to take up the Carpet and sweep it under and don’t speak on… nope, the problem/Task must be solved ! Before give out a iso like this… also if need a couple time like 1/2 month, because the other it is stable ! We have 2-3 Programmer where hold this Distribution in the hand and 2/3 Programmer where want go the real way of mandrake… no 4 but the 4. you know…hmm… but the one where it is go in this month and the nice Programmerlady is not there … and the Squirrel … all away … We need Programmer where
do what they say and not have to less time to make (uh sorry, maybe later, to less time now) something named abduction/spreading and wrong promise/pledge… if he have no time, should he go !!! and not be like a peg in the earth and the other who it is like a goat/donkey if he it is offended don’t answer or remove not really issues and no answered no, he does nothing… and hold the whole on … it is give 2 way’s where can you make you liable to prosecution in law,
do and not do … but you exist still and hold the whole on … and therewith do you break you promise where have you the grant given in the case where you working in it and you be trusted !
It is give 4 Other Trustable Programmers where be at this not on our Distro, because something not fit and it is wrong, so, i can only assume … because they have a bad feeling why they not there and help, like many other Programmers… and 2 Peoples where be…
ach, Ben , i guess, you know what i want say … And rugy knows also… hmm…
so, you can not give out a iso where it is not really testet … and the not working start of the installer only it is reproducible … in vbox …
how ever, i can not write more… i must go in the schooling and now prepare my eat and drinking…

best regards

Nattering nabobs of negativity.

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hmm … *s*