A problem with panel icons


OMV LX 3.03

KDE plasma 5

Recently, sometimes the icons for notifications and status (network manager, battery, notes, etc see attached imagepanel_icons ) ) just stop being useful: one just can no longer control network manager or just what to do with a pendrive. Everything looks fine if I logout and logon again.

What is this? Has somebody else experimented this? How to fix this without logging off?


As a complement, this seems to be a panel problem since , for instance, network manager still works fine and can be set with command line nmtui.

When it happens are you able to see anything relevant in journalctl, or /var/log/Xorg.0.log, or /home/<user_name>/.local/share/sddm/xorg-session.log? Most likely something in journalctl or xorg-session.log?

I have seen things on the menu panel freeze a few times but probably never when it was inconvenient to logout/in.

Maybe OT (or not): The other freeze/crash I still see with KDE/Plasma5 desktop is that in a fresh install SystemSettings5 has to crash once or twice for your desktop to be “Official”. After the initial crash or two I never see it crash again. After you get past that then the only thing I see anymore is this (for me rare) menu panel freeze.

The panel icons don’t freeze actually. If one click on them, a blue bar appears over them as usual but no functionality is provided. Next time, I’ll look at journalctl and other files …


I often experience the same behaviour. I simply add a new system tray which works well … for a while.
I dont’t know if this is related but when I don’t use the computer (which is still running) for several hours, plasmashell disappears though the opened windows are still working. I can switch the desktops using the usual keyboard shortcuts.

Ok, thanks.