5.0 not starting sddm display manager

I have used LX 4 for a while. I then installed 5.0 to replace this, keeping old /home partition. When I boot it, I get the graphical screen with flower for boot options. But then it has error
failed to start systemd-vconsole-setup.service
Looking through error logs, just before that it had
Loadkeys unable to load file us

/etc/vconsole.conf is often culprit, according to web search, but that file seems correct.

I can select console mode when booting, and then when I look in /usr/share, there is no subdirectory called either kbd or keymaps, which is where I find keymaps in other distros.

  • _OpenMandriva Lx version:_5.0
  • Desktop environment (KDE, LXQT…): Plasma

Keymaps should be in /usr/lib/kbd. You might also look in /etc/vconsole.conf and /usr/share/factory/etc/vconsole.conf. My /etc/vconsole.conf looks like this:

$ cat /etc/vconsole.conf

I am using US kbd. If you are unable to solve this you could post logs here such as output of:

$ journalctl --boot --unit systemd-vconsole-setup.service

Hope this is helpful.

I did a test where on a computer with US kbd where I set kbd in /etc/vconsole.conf to de and then ran:

$ sudo dracut -f

$ sudo update-grub2

and rebooted. I could not log in to VT because the kbd was incorrect (de instead of us for me). Then I reversed the process and set /etc/vconsole.conf to us and ran the sudo dracut -f and then sudo update-grub2 and rebooted. Then I could login to VT because the kbd setting in vconsole.conf matches my actual kbd.

So possible, steps to fix this are:

  1. Set kbd in /etc/vconsole.conf
  2. sudo dracut -f
  3. sudo update-grub2
  4. reboot

This would work on the booted kernel only. If user has other kernels then to correct this on those:

$ sudo dracut -f /boot/initrd-$version.img $version

where $version is taken exactly from one of:

$ ls -1 /lib/modules

and then sudo update-grub2

Note: possible steps means maybe, or I think this may work. I posted a question about this with OM devs because this is an issue that occurs occasionally.

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