3.02 iso build 1070

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here you can find latest x86_64 iso build 1070:

This iso brings only build fixes to bugs found on previous iso.

Dear QA and other fellows, feel free to give it testing
Bugs, requests for software please file on https://issues.openmandriva.org1

Plan is to give it a GO on wild on 2016-06-02.


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Thanks TPG,
On it.

This candidate release cannot get a GO because of ignoring Artwork Team requests.
It’s de facto complete disregard of the agreement between Developers and Design.

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What does it mean? What is missing ?

You may have missed one or more email.
It’s about the only one request from Design, i.e. default launcher.

Please describe which one launcher should be used by default on Iso.

This one please.

Application Menu

@rugyada fixed



@TPG Great.
Thank you.

Humble suggestion, to get rid of icons not properly showing in favourites default. They are kmail, konversation and kde connect.
To be noted that’s not our bug, but it’s Plasma upstream afaik.
If I’m not mistaken it’s here

Minor issue not that much important btw.
At your will.

sorry: now properly showing > not properly showing

This is initial favourites list, if i remove these apps from favourites, they will not appear there.

Ok, I’m not expert there =)
Q may be: better not to show them or leave them as-is?
Anyway as said not much important, never mind.

now properly showing > not properly showing
Sorry for typo, hope was not leading to misunderstanding in this case.

I’m going to build new ISO, as this one was rejected by QA because of wrong Plasma menu.