2015.0 Alpha Torrents

Hi everyone, I’ve made torrent files ready for the public alpha and am propogating it to the two machines I can provide (which are happily on opposite sides of the world). The torrent files are here, if you’d like to do the same.

If I’m not around at the release time, put them in /var/www/OpenMandriva/downloads/torrents on Picard in order to make them public.


Thanks John!

Uploading them to Picard right now


Thanks rob. I was asleep in my Timezone :wink:

Wow… such a spike on Picard. I wonder when the release announcement got out… hmm…

Haha, yeah, I forgot that you guys aren’t NZDT anymore… 8 hours away D:

Sorry for the meme :wink: but it is how all our servers feel right now.

And yes, we’ve shifted out of daylight saving time now it’s winter. I’m also wondering how someone managed to upload to Picard at exactly 666.6 kB/sec :joy:.

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A quick update;
I’ve edited the 2014.1 torrents to include a different preferred tracker, because the previous and only tracker for these two files was down for several months (meaning that, actually, clients such as deluge and transmission could not download those torrents due to lack of DHT support). Now, udp://tracker.johncave.co.nz:1337 is the preferred tracker, because I wanted something quick.

Do you think we should rebrand this to be under the openmandriva.org domain, or is this fine as is? Shall we make a tweet explaining the situation, or leave it alone?

I don’t think it matters too much?

No, true, but it would be helpful if our current seeders could add the new tracker to their list. Also, the fact the torrents were basically unavailable to some people might have caused some inconvenience.