2014.x EOL reached?

anyone knows?
if yes, it would be fair to warn the community

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nobody knows?
nobody cares?
am I the only one with 2014.2?

Luca this will depend on when we can get the rolling release instituted. In theory 2014.2 is legacy until the next release so is still supported but we don’t have a timescale for the next release yet because of the difficulties on getting the infrastructure sorted for the rolling release model. We are slowly resolving this but it’s hard going. To put a timescale on the next release is impossible at the moment. I will raise the issue at next TC and see if we can’t be more definite.

Thanks Colin.
It seems to me that no one wants to take a decision.
2014.2 received two updates in the last month(three weeks ago).
But devs, intentionally, are building no more pkgs for 2014.2, so, de facto, reached EOL.
It’s a shame to let this great distro die in this way.
It deserves an official announcement.

Yes, 2014.2 is now rather old but fully functional and stable … and I’m still using it because I have no time to fight with 3.0 although I would like to do my part in this area.

Yesterday, 47 packages (including firefox and thunderbird) were updated.

thanks to my post? :wink:

Dunno. I would have wished that isn’t necessarily the case :thinking:

So we can say 2014.2 is maybe still supported.

No. You’re not the only one.

I’m still using 2014.2 as my main OS. And I receive updates. Even today. So it hasn’t reached its EOL yet. At least to me !

2014 isn’t at EOL yet. If I correctly understand it will end sometime this year. I think they are going to at some point put a 3 months and support stops on it. It was discussed in Wednesdays TC meeting.

18:45:39 If we drop 2014 right now it’s likely we will lose quite a few users
18:46:24 Why isn’t 2014 maintainable, I WILL be asked about this on the forum
18:46:53 So factual answers would be extremely helpful
18:47:39 2014 is essentially a collection of software that has been abandoned upstream
18:47:44 (e.g. anything KDE 4.x)
18:48:16 so unless we move it to plasma 5 (in which case people might as well move to 3.x), upstream will not release updates anymore
18:48:28 <King_InuYasha> and much of the stack in 2014 is completely different
18:48:40 <King_InuYasha> from what we have in cooker and 3.x

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