Why 2 different places for Package and feature requests?

Is in omlx 4 have fasm compiler and how its called?

Um, again please don’t double, or in this case triple post. (Closing thread as it is discussed elsewhere.)

This is answered as best I can answer it here.

Well here is more a vote for package or feature request. I guess it’s a good place for request but the formulation is incorrect (knowing that it should attract other users to vote for it).

The problem is that we have a procedure for Package and feature requests established that goes back to the beginning of OpenMandriva. That is to use the issue tracker as I keep telling people.

I have no problem with doing something different but we would need to discuss and agree on that first.

Lest anyone think this is my issue or my policy because I’m the person most likely to mention it. No that is not true. I did not create or decide the policy. As I recall that was @Colin and @robxu9 sometime in or around 2013. Having 2 separate locations to do the same thing is distinctly a bad idea IMO. Things like this lead to confusion and user requests being missed.

I myself have asked about this in TC-Meetings 2 or 3 times but nothing definitive every gets decided.

There are several contributors that would like to see Package and feature requests separated from bugs. I’m inclined to agree that would be a good idea at this point. That is why I keep asking about this in TC-Meeting.

For packages/features requests it was a test (I started it few weeks ago, but certainly badly discussed about it)

If it makes more harm than it’s useful, I suggest to remove it.

And considering the issues we face now, I can do it as soon as you wish.

I would prefer that it be removed until something different gets decided.

And I am frustrated that it has been so difficult to get discussion and agreement on doing something different done in TC-Meetings.

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For now it’s only visible to staff group. https://forum3.openmandriva.org/t/about-the-packages-and-features-requests-category/2510

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OK, and for the record I’m not “against” using this or using some similar kind of thing in Github or other git implementation (git client?). I just want us to discuss it, decide it, and do it.

IMO OM the distro and OMA are at a point where we need to start doing things like an organization.

I’m not against or pushing use either.
Packages and features requests was created mainly if not only because of the Vote discourse feature which looks perfect for this category while bugzilla does not permit it (at this moment, however I can remember mdv bugzilla allowing to ‘vote’ for bugs).