Where is the Brightness Control for Laptops running OpenMandrivaLX?

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(Jacobcullen) #1

I have installed OpenMandrivaLX 3.02 Plasma x86_x64 on a Compaq Presario CQ62 Laptop. Where is the Display Brightness Control? The screen is blindingly bright, and OpenMandrivaLX is completely ignoring the brightness keys ([fn] [f2] and [fn] [f3])

How do I turn the brightness down?

(Ben Bullard) #2

Welcome to OpenMandriva Community and the OM forum @Jacobcullen.

Is system fully updated?

If it is then it does not matter what version you installed they are all using the same repos so fully updated they are all OM Lx 3.

To answer your original question go to SystemSettings>Hardware>Power Management as in this screen shot.

Post-edit: That being in “Power Management” instead of under “Display and Monitor” does seem counter intuitive to me. However that would be an ‘upstream’ (KDE.org) issue AFAIK.

(Ben Bullard) #3

Also would be helpful to know if the kbd controls do or don’t or sometimes work in other Linux distros?

Post-edit: Also important for FN+FX key problems is if you BIOS is up to date? Also I’ve already found a report in another distro about this here and here.

Anyway I hope what I’ve posted is helpful. If not please keep asking.

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What’s with the unrelated links in that post, isn’t that what we consider SPAM? Or is is possible that @Jacobcullen has made a mistake? Or some ner do well person has hijacked his original post?

Isn’t that one asked and answered?

Would be nice if OP would tell us if answer actually worked for him… :wink:

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Speed test or card games have nothing to do with the topic.
For now I removed the links. After, we’ll see.

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@Jacobcullen we are waiting for you to show up and prove that you are not a spammer.