Where is my topic?

I made a suggestion in this topic, but it was gone !!

an explanation ?

Can you restore it , please

I wish much that this suggestion should be discussed in the next TC meeting :slight_smile:

Yes it happened because of

As soon as I noticed it, I have looked for a web cache in order to at least publish a screenshot of the topic but sadly didn’t find :unamused:

I am the culprit. I apologize. See the story below (1).
I kept the thread in my mail client.
I think, I could publish it as is in a “new” thread (2).
As I can see, four other other topics are concerned.

(1) An update was available for discourse. I tried to upgrade from the admin panel as usual.
But, discourse runs in a docker image with the database included in the image.
I had to upgrade docker first but the process stopped without any warning.
From the cli (inside the docker image), it appeared that the partition /boot/ was full and the last kernel, required by the upgrade of docker, was not able to install. I removed some files belonging to old kernels no more in use and tried to install the last kernel. All seemed to go fine, but the image could not restart with a lot of strange messages.
So, Raphaël restored the backup that was done on last Sunday. We have to think about a new organisation in order to separate theCMS and the database or at least make a daily backup of the DB.

(2) We could try to look into the broken image but since there are other topics, handle the BD, directly by hand, could be complex and not efficient.

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Jean Claude please… :slight_smile:
You are not culprit of anything apart of taking care of our infra, with Raphael, and we thank you endlessly.

(For the new readers)

Done, at my best, here.

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