What applications are missing in OpenMandriva Lx 5.0?

Some users may feel that OMLx 5.0 is lacking of some applications.

Developers would like to know what applications specifically are missing that our users or potential new users wish to see included in our repositories.

If you think there is something missing let us know in this thread.

Please be sure you have all repositories enabled before mentioning a missing application.

Installata ora. Vedo che i pacchetti di gkrellm non sono tutti alla medesima versione, quindi non può essere installato completamente.

Anche Telegram-desktop ha dei problemi: parte, ma crasha appena si prova ad utilizzarlo.

Move discussion to Telegram-desktop crash

Invesalius non si installa per via di alcuni conflitti.

Continuerò a provare altre cose

@daraf thanks.
Let’s keep the topic separated though: the present one is about suggestion of new packages potentially missing in OM repositories.

For issues on existing packages, which is not the point of this discussion, please open a bug report.

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Are there gaming emulators like Dolphin and Pcsx2 in the OpenMandriva LX 5.0 repos? I know for example Alt Linux has Xemu in their repo though a little older version(don’t if this can be easily updated)… I’m just curious if it would be good for gaming (since Fedora 40 will skip X11 on Plasma). Also like to use different drawing software(2d & few 3d) to try and use on my 2in1 Tab. (there’s is plenty on Fedora)

Welcome @Kai99x to OpenMandriva and our forum. This forum is for users of OpenMandriva Linux operating systems.

We are a small group. All the contributors and developers here are unpaid volunteers.

You are welcome to talk to our developers at OpenMandriva Chat.

The first thing when a new user has an issue is to look in the documentation for OMLx. OpenMandriva wiki and Forum Resources guide.

If you don’t find what you are looking for try an Internet search (googling). One can find out a lot from documentation or forum posts at other Linux distros. If user finds something written for another distro but you have some doubt ask at OpenMandriva Chat.

For serious technical issues and package/feature requests please file a bug report here.

We offer few gaming emulators as: ppsspp, retroarch, sameboy etc.
If a specific emulator is missing, we can try to add it.

So Dolphin and Pcsx2 are missing…?
Also would like to know if there’s a way to add Waydroid or if you could implement it in future updates?


Vedi https://forum.openmandriva.org/t/invesalius-upgraded-to-version-3-1-99998-7/5127

I’d love to see YAD. Although, I’ve already compiled it, but maybe other users will find it useful.

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yad-13 has been added (it will be in testing few days).

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