Welcome ...or not welcome?

Having knowledge of all the work and admirable dedication he brings to this distribution and this forum, I feel really annoyed to have to write this, but, every time I come and write something here, I thrill of what our dear Ben will shout at me…
I know, I don’t have to write in the wrong section …in polite terms …after having searched the data base …giving all the details, helpers will need …and almost kneeling in front of the gods …but with my poor IQ, I don’t always get to respect perfectly all this… and this is when the policeman comes across to me!
…And you know what? I don’t feel welcome!
By a piece of luck, exists on this forum, the exact opposite replica to our beloved policeman, and this brings me to think that, definitively, I should not complain of this balance…
Thanks Ben and Rugy for ruling this forum with the stick and and the flowers.


Welcome …or not welcome?

@D27 of course you are!!

Well you can imagine, having to repeat the same basic ‘rules’ every day (and more than once a day sometimes) would make no matter who a bit exhausted don’t you think the same? :wink:

Just we ask the users to help us to help them. After a while the user should get habit to write in his first post the usual known informations, but for convenience the guidelines are here
so when in doubt, just quickly browse the points for remind them.

Ben is a lovely person, don’t be fooled by appearances :policeman:



I apologize for saying something offensive. I was trying in my imperfect way to be helpful.

Never mind Ben.

I perfectly imagine the difficult paper you have to play, to
maintain this forum as clear and ordered, as needed.

Any human organisation needs people like you, to keep respect of all
established rules, ans I also must apologize for not being always
irreproachable upon the matter.

As an excuse I would only say, I felt really lost when after some
weeks, I could not find builds versions where I was used to, and
took the first message I believed to be in relation, to ask my
You must understand we, not all, are up to all the changes with ABF
and versions.

You keep all my respect and consideration.

Roger (D27)


No worries on my part.

I’m not close to perfect in things like this. I think most people in forums tend to write things in a hurry while we are doing 3 or 4 other things at the same time or in whatever frame of mind we are at that time. When I go back and read some of my posts I often think “that sure could have been handled or written better”.