Warning about multimedia packages and testing repos

In order to fix multiple issues there are new libva packages in main-testing. Why is that significant @ben79? Because there are a lot of multimedia packages that depend on this library package group and they all need to be rebuilt. So we all need to refrain from installing any multimedia packages from testing repos until @Colin gives us the OK.

But why can’t they just rebuild them all in one day? Because they are part time volunteers who can’t drop everything else in their lives and jobs to fix everything for OM testers/users in one day. Being a Community distribution requires patience. Which I wish I had more of…

Well there is a feature in ABF that creates dependant list of packages and prepares build list. Unfortunately it does not work. @fedya has been notified about this issue.

BTW. tests has been implemented inside ABF. Each rpm build will be tested just after build finishes.
Tests check if freshly build rpm can be installed into environent.

Thanks for the clarification @TPG.

Also everyone this is a short term thing that should be all OK in a few days. And remember it applies to testing repos only not regular repos.

Here is the progress.

vlc-3.0 should be available soon
mpv-0.27.1 - does not build against libva2, and version 0.28.1 needs latest ffmpeg which is not stable…
Others should be fine.

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mpv is on it way too.

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Ok, tested VLC 3 with vaapi enabled and looks like it work fine.
I see only minor errors in konsole with plugins but this appears regardless of decoding, even when vaapi is turned off. So I think it’s nothing a big.

Log here: Ubuntu Pastebin

EDIT: Worth to add, when I just update VLC. It install VLC3 library but not remove all previous. For example VLC 2.2.4 removed but files like lib64vlccore8 remains. Thanks to this we can’t launch VLC3 without manually removing all remains packages or removing all with urpme vlc -a and next urpmi vlc