USB installation problems

Hi community.
I’ve been trying to install OpenMandriva on my pc but it’s been imposiible, at the moment.
Choosing Live mode I can reach to a window for selecting the language, but it starts flashing and always comes back to the selection window, I don’t have enough time to make a selection.
If I try to install instead, at the moment of selecting the language I get a console screen warning about external connections.

¿Any idea about this?¿is this a common issue?


Hi jnx and Welcome! You aren’t providing enough information for anyone to help. Maybe read this:

Thanks for your answer ben79.

Yesterday I tried again.

I dowloaded de ISO (64 bits) image and burned it into a usb with the tool provided by linux mint (usb image writer).
This time it was different. After selecting install OpenMandriva all I can see is a OpenMandriva wallpaper like this one:
That’s all, the computer freezes and I havve to restar it manually.

Sorry if it’s not enough info but it’s all I can say at the moment and thanks again.

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You could try option Troubleshooting --> Install in basic graphics mode


download rosa image writer that will fix it

Hi, i get the same problem with Lx 3 and Lx 3.1 and i have use rosa imagewriter ! (see french support post)
Note that in the two version the live session work fine just problem with calamares, it don’t start in Lx 3 and stay running in the step of “looking for pc informations” after choosing language and keyboard. I will try with the LX 3.1 burn on a DVD, perhaps i will get more chance …
Config PC :
Processor intel Pentium CPUG3220 3 GHz x2
Ram : 8G
Graf board (intégrée à la carte mère) : intel HD graphics
Motherboard : ASUS H 81 M-C

Same problem with dvd live install …

Hi i have finally install openmandriva. The problem was that one of my hard disc get more than 4 primary partitions. i have succeed to install the os when i have disconnect the disc.

I know if a drive has MBR partition table it can have only 4 Primary partitions. Most newer computers have UEFI and GPT partition table where a drive can have theoretically unlimited partitions.

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