Urpmi --auto-update stuck in a loop

After I reinstalled the system I have the following issue: when I run urpmi --auto-update it tells me it has to remove three packages (aria2, glibc, wget) in order to update other packages which are the same packages in the same versions so it doesn’t make sense. Anyway, when I confirm it deletes them and installs again. When I run urpmi --auto-update again, same thing happens so I’m stuck in a loop and effectively can’t update my system.

See if:

# urpmi --allow-nodeps aria2 glibc wget

gets past it. And do let us know either way.

I can’t try it now as I’ve installed Kubuntu in the meantime because I needed a working OS. I’m going to reinstall OMV when the issues with kernel 4.10 are sorted out. I will keep this solution in mind in case the issue happens in the future. Thanks.