Upgrade to OpenMandrivaLx.4.0-plasma.znver1.iso but a lot of issue?

Hi first i try to format my samsung 850 evo 500 GB to Exfat because easy installation\upgrade but i have isssue with installer its failed can not format … i guess its must be because EXfat filesystem?

I must select automacaly format and set up the SSD drives to get it to works.
But lot of issue with Znver i think its very poor with Asus X370 Pro still got issue with PCI-E m.2 drives did not get detected and turn off\reboot did not works, its get to background image but i wait 5-15 minutes but computer did not tell how long it will take to turn off computer to i must do that manualy.

as for firefox that is bader than i expected i think RC version of openmandriva is better?

While I don’t have a clue what @lmh1 is talking about my instinct is to move this to Support forum.

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No idea about installing on exfat but I think I know whats wrong with firefox.

If I good see on this screenshot (black fields) and think well, then he got into “fresh” GTK problems that appeared in cooker day or two ago. Since znver1 uses repo from cooker, then gtk problems appeared here…

But if i use upgraded firefox i still get the same issue, and its issue with blueray burner\ i get after i updated zenver from cooker i guess, its not easy to put in DVD\CD because its open\close to quick, so its hard, but works nice in windows 10, its also issue with VPN its not possible to add it longer did not know why? And issue that python script did not have ico and other files so its without icon?

So why can you release so poor distribution i think old mandriva\mandrake should be embarrassed because of its so poor its better to switch to ubuntu\fedora why not have only one distribution if you did not have time to update it? Or use fedora repo instead?

Did someone test Remmina remote desktop?
Not so very happy with desktop display extenstion and 4 desktop view, its give mess when i have more program at time so need switch display every time?

@lmh1 Thank you very much for your kind words, as usual.

FYI we are very proud of our OpenMandriva system instead, and of what we did and what we are able to do with the few contributors we have.

Matter of point of view…

If you don’t like OMLx or you don’t feel comfortable with it, feel free to switch to whatever you prefer.

Talk is cheap! [cit.]

I like it, but if its hard to turn off computer, and do that should be more easy?
Most of my time is wasting of openmandriva, i think Mandriva power 2012 pack have less issue that zenver have now, but they can not be compared because its to old.
Can someone explan why we have zenver (its look like its amd epyc build not ryzen setup?) i get that in boot. Because i think its wasted, plasma.x86_64.iso did have less issue i think but did not want to retest it because its take time. I did not understand why you use cooker in release distribution? if its not can be compared with opensuse tumbleweed that is more updated distibution than leap. Its hard to know future of openmandriva but i think a less updates and issue with updates many with switch to other distribution.

Closing this thread because the title is meaningless. Please use a descriptive title for your issue. Please open separate thread for each issue. “a lot of issue” is not a support request.

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