UPGRADE SAFE AGAIN for Lx4/Cooker, (issues are fixed)

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Post-edit: 2019-06-01 21:50 UTC

Upgrade is safe again, issues have been corrected.

Latest NetworkManager packages break Qualcomm Atheros and other wifi devices
We will let you know when this issue gets sorted.

If you have any Qualcomm Atheros or any older Intel and some newer Intel wifi devices updating networkmanager and related wifi packages it will break your wifi connection. It is impossible to know at this time all the hardware that may be affected so to be safe just don’t update until we lift this ban.

But did its have other issue with other ethernet card\SFP+ ?
Because i did not use wireless on the test machine so but i can wait a day or more.

It has been reported that cabled are not affected, also the latest updates * should * fix the temporary issue.
However, to be on the safe side it’s better to wait a bit more until we’ll give notice that the issue is confirmed to be solved.

The affected networkmanager and related packages have been fixed. It is now safe to upgrade again.

This issue pertained to Lx4/Cooker systems only and did not at any time affect Lx 3 packages or systems.