Updating troubles

Yesterday, after more than 190 packages update, including nvidia video drivers, for some reason, x11-driver-video-intel was removed and not reinstalled. Also the package libva-intel, a x11(intel) depedency, can not be found in some repositories.

As a result, after reboot, no sddm login, only a black screen.

In recovery mode, XFdrake tried to download packages but there seems to be a $MIRRORLIST problem. No luck.

Using another machine, that have nvidia video card as its main video support, I’ve downloaded x11 and libva from


saved it in a USB flash and installed in the black screen laptop.

So, the point seems to be, what happened? How x11(intel) was removed without the new package downloaded and installed? Why libva-intel cannot be found in some repositories?


is in repo /main/release/

Mirrors should be already sync-ed then.

As a user, wouldn’t one say that it is interesting to have some kind of controlled syncronizaton of repositories or refuse access until all repositories are OK?

This is not the first time for problems like that and it may not be easy to workaround. This time, for example, XFdrake moved /etc/X11/xorg.conf to a backup and did not create another one. As a result, in a second attempt to use XFdrake, it refused to correct the problem because " no screen defined". How would a Openmandriva beginner handle this?

Hope you have found your answers. To prevent further errors and file update corruption which are present on the USB flash drives, [memory card data recovery] methods can be applied. I would recommend it.

Thanks for reporting. Since this is two years old let’s “Close Topic”. If issues occurs again open a new thread please. We do want stuff like this reported.

(And I’m hoping this stuff did get corrected at the time. If not by all means open a new thread).

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