Unable to install Nvidia proprietary files in OM LX 4.0

I now have a laptop with hybrid graphics (not optimus) and it seems I’ll need Nvidia’s Prime to manage dGPUs.
Since proprietary drivers are not yet available at OM LX 4.0 alpha repos and also I couldn’t see (or I did not know how!) support to Nvidia prime at OM LX 3.03, see here, I decided to try the proprietary Nvidia_drivers.run downloaded from Nvidia’s home.

NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-410.93.run didn’t work at OM LX 4.0 alpha1. Don’t know why it happened. Just in case someone at this forum can help me or this maybe another bug to be corrected for in the preparation of the next OM LX 4.0 release, I’ve attached /var/log/nvidia-installer.log as well as a copy of the messages in the konsole.

Thanks in advance.

command-line-copy.txt (3,9 KB)

nvidia-installer.log.txt (1,8 MB)

Error with “Unable to load the kernel module ‘nvidia.ko’” looks like sometings with blacklisting
nouveau. Try solution from here: CUDA 6.5 on AWS GPU instance running Ubuntu 14.04 - Seven Story Rabbit Hole

Also install kernel-release-desktop-devel (if is not installed)

Nouveau is blacklisted, otherwise this OM LX 4.0 alpha1 would not be usable.
Also kernel devel is already installed.

I’ll read this ubuntu’s forum reference more carefully …