Unable to create links to applications at desktop area

I have the problem described at these links,


that is, I cannot create links to applications in Desktop area. It is quite the same as described in the kde forum above, I right click at desktop area => Create new => link to application and I don’t have the tab Application in the popped up window. If I click “OK” anyway, I get the message,

“The file or folder: /kio5/newfile-templates/.source/Program.desktop does not exist.”

I already have some old links to applications created when I had OMV 2014.2. If I click on one of these links => properties I get a window with the tab application as expected.

A workaround to create a new link to application is to copy some of the existing files at Desktop area to another one and edit it so as to point to a new application.

Is there a way to correct this?

I forget to mention that the solution described at the kde forum link sounds really just another workaround, not a solution.

I tried and it seems to work, how did you proceed?
edit: got it, indeed it seems more a Plasma issue, I’ll read more deeply your provided links.

I go to application launcher (Kickoff here) and right click on an icon and select ‘Add to desktop’. Works here.

Edit: So does ‘Add to panel’.

The problem comes when you right click in Desktop and «add new -> link to application »


This way it works here too.

Well, it used to work as well when one right click at Desktop area and “Add new => Link to application => …” but it is no longer working.

I don’t see any ‘Add new’ I see only ‘Add widgets’ and ‘Add panel’.

Are people expecting to be able to do anything in Plasma5 they can in KDE4? You can’t. That’s by the infinite wisdom of KDE developers. It’s for our own good. They decided for us saving us the trouble… Actually as I recall it’s so Plasma5 uses less memory than KDE4.

Mea culpa. Did I spell that correctly? If one uses ‘Folder view settings’ instead of ‘Desktop’ there is a create new link which clearly does not work.

In order to get issues like this fixed we need to get developers focused on fixing problems in Plasma5 desktop. There are quite a few in bugzilla.

In fact I guessed it was called like this as I use French locale :stuck_out_tongue:

Here it is in English:

And the option is “Create new” that appears at the top of the window that pops up when one right click in the Desktop area

Yes :wink:

Well then all you have to do is select ‘Folder View Settings’ and change it to ‘Desktop’. Problem solved. No more pesky ‘Create New’ to worry about. :smirk:

That’s my patch for the day! :imp:

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Did not understand. Sorry.

Well I was kind of being sarcastic or something. Go to desktop and right click, at bottom of dialog box where it says ‘Folder View Settings’ select that and change it to ‘Desktop’. Then after you select ‘Apply’ and/or ‘OK’ you no longer will have ‘Create new’ as part of the right click dialog box. It’ll be like mine with only ‘Add Widgets’ and ‘Add Panel’. Try it and see.

Layout Desktop or Layout Folder View behave different.
The quick way to add an icon on Desktop is from menu and Add to Desktop
Verify that Widgets are Unlocked.

Yes, I already have done this.

Ok. Clicking at “Add to Desktop” seems easy. However, I think two points should be considered:

1- If new KDE has different way of handling that it is OK, but it is not expected that the old way of creating new links is still available and, worse, the user is left with an error message on the lack of some files. Users tend to think something is wrong with their system;

2- How to create a link to an application that is not available at the kick off button? For example, a user application?

As far as the issue about creating links that appears to be an inconsistency in OMA’s Lx 3.0 Plasma desktop that should be fixed. I don’t know how to do that and we’ll need a developer to fix this. To get developers attention usually requires a bug report.

Perhaps use KDE Menu Editor to create a link in Application Launcher and then right click on it.