Transcode package not available in urpmi


  • OpenMandriva Lx version:

  • Desktop environment (KDE, LXQT…):

  • Description of the issue (screenshots if relevant):
    Included supported package K3b states that transcode must be installed to rip DVD, but package manager does not provide for installation of transcode.

  • Relevant information (hardware involved, software version, logs or output…):
    No listing found in Software Management: Install & Remove Software under “transcode” search
    Using CLI “gurpmi” in terminal finds no package named transcode

As a general matter of course, I was attempting to stay within the options provided by the distro before looking at outside solutions.

What is the recommended course of action?

Your assistance is appreciated.

Please file a bug report. It would be worth checking to see if transcode is the only package not available. I suspect there may be more packages needed and not available. Or the packages go by different names in OpenMandriva. Either way this is a serious bug.

Also please do some internet searches. This problem is by no means limited to OpenMandriva it is common through out a number of Linux distros. Hence it’s likely an upstream problem.

There may be better tools for DVD ripping than k3b.

As you may begin to be able to tell I don’t know anything about how to rip DVD’s myself.

Thanks, Ben.

I will file a bug report.

I did several Internet searches, and the same problem does exist for users of different distros, however, their supposedly effective solutions (i.e., installing transcode with sudo: apt-get) are apparently not compatible with this distro.

I have also located several well-regarded alternative programs to K3b, and will explore their use, and they look to each have their advantages. I still wish to pursue the K3b solution because I happen to like K3b, and am familiar with it for many years.

Thanks again.

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Bug report: #2360

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@bero pointed out something interesting about this in the bug report. Check out the “upstream” home URL of transcode. Anyway we have a developer looking in to this.

Found these links:

- achurch_ / transcode / Pull request #1: Migrate to ffmpeg 3.1.3 — Bitbucket

This repository is only here as a sort of historical artifact; I don’t have time to work on it. […]


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