Thunderbird crashing after upgrade to 52.0

I have the same problem as has been described in the 1442903 – Thunderbird crashing after upgrade to -52.0 bug.
Could anyone prepare the same solution?

I always wonder what users think we can do to solve problems without information not even the current version of Thunderbird you have. Or what version of OpenMandriva you’re using.

Thunderbird 52.1.0-1 is working here (in Lx 3 fully updated). It is in main-updates repo (for Lx 3) so you should have it. That version is the fix reported in redhat bug report.

Edit: To be specific:

$ rpm -qa thunderbird

$  cat /etc/release
OpenMandriva Lx release 3.0 (Einsteinium) for x86_64

I have a problem with the following version:
[mila@localhost Books]$ rpm -qa thunderbird
[mila@localhost Books]$ cat /etc/release
OpenMandriva Lx release 3.0 (Einsteinium) for x86_64

There’s something off about that version number. I’m looking in the repo right now and we have:


that is the version listed as the fix in the redhat bug report and your thunderbird is a previous version. So update to that and let’s hope it fixes the issue.

Could you also give a brief description of the problem you are having.

I have been using the new version (thunderbird-52.1.0-1-omv2015.0.x86_64.rpm) for two days. I would say it is a really better version but not a hundred percent. I will sent a picture and a description when a problem happens.

Thank you.

If problems persist when you have gathered enough information to do so file a bug report, the sooner the sooner issue gets resolved.

The problem has been resolved by the update to the thunderbird 52.2.1-1:2015.0 version.